The future of tracking human movement.



At Track, we know about and learn every day about human movement. We use state of the art technology, and the ingenious brains of our world-leading experts to come up with innovative ways to track humans. Humans who perform at the ultimate elite performance end of movement – in elite sport or in the military – all the way to the other end of the movement spectrum where humans struggle to be physically active due to (chronic) disease or lack of opportunities. We use our advancing knowledge about human movement to support individuals and collaborate with organisations that are in the business of improving the physical and mental capacity of humans.

We are Track. 


As used by.

TRACK works directly with International and National sporting organisations, including FIFA, the AFL, Tennis Australia and the National Basketball League. We are embedded in professional teams across each of the football codes in analytical, scientific and coaching roles.

TRACK helps organisations understand the performance of athletes, how to train those athletes more effectively for true sporting high performance whilst concurrently minimising injury risk.

We work at the forefront of the validation, application and understanding of movement quantified through technology.


Case Study : FIFA.

Establishment of a global standard for athlete tracking system accuracy.

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What we did:

We successfully validated the accuracy of sixteen Electronic Performance Tracking Systems (EPTS), in the largest project of its type ever conducted. 

We used one of the largest VICON capture areas ever constructed for outdoor comparisons with 36 cameras and a 30 x 30 m test area. We quickly mobilised a team of professionals to collect data at our test venue - FC Barcelona’s Miniestadi with just weeks notice. We simultaneously compared the level of agreement between manufacturer data and both VICON and our own computer vision solution. We delivered on this challenging work on time, and on budget.