• R&D for athlete tracking, wearable and performance products and systems

  • Validation of athlete tracking systems

  • Validation of wearables

  • Advice on purchase of athlete tracking, wearable and monitoring systems

  • Audits and reviews of elite performance environments and systems

  • Design of elite performance environments

  • Team building / recruitment for elite performance

  • Public speaking, seminars, keynotes

We can revolutionise your sport business. Whether you are an International or National federation, professional league or team, we can add value through our deep knowledge in athlete tracking and its related areas in an elite performance system.

We offer independent rigorous scientific evaluation of products, systems and environments in elite sport. we achieve this rigorous evaluation through deep scientific expertise in coaching, biomechanics, physiology and data analytics.

Most importantly, we get sport. We speak sport. We have decades of experience working at the coalface of professional sport. You won’t get fluffy advice with unobtainable goals from us, just evidence driven expertise that knows your environment, and knows what works.

  • Short or long term PhD scholars embedded in your business

  • Support for researchers embedded in your business

  • Support for your employees to be embedded with our researchers

We are researchers expert in working in, and deploying people to industry to help solve your problems. We’re closely linked to Victoria University, ranked 12th globally for Sport Science in the prestigious Shanghai rankings, and ranked in the top 50 Universities under 50 years age by Times Higher Education.

We can call on the extensive VU network to support PhD scholars deployed to your business. we currently have more than 20 PhD students embedded in the elite sport industry, providing high level research and analytical skills to conduct research in and for the industry. We attract the highest quality PhD students globally, and they can help your business innovate, transform and thrive. The PhD scholars are fully funded for salary and can access project support funds and resources directly from VU.

In addition to PhD scholars, we can place researchers already with PhD qualifications in your business for between a few months and a few years, and through VU TRACK can access Government schemes to financially support those initiatives.

  • High powered machine learning and AI insights into your sport or organisation

  • Development of statistical products for monetising data through media

  • Design and implementation of VR for coaching or media use

  • Greater depth of understanding of how your athletes respond to training, matches and the stress of being elite

  • League or sport wide project design and delivery for understanding and reducing injury risk

  • Modeling the effect of rule changes on your athletes and sport

What does success really look like in your sport?

Do the traditional statistics really tell the story of who won and why?

Are you providing your consumers with the information they really want?

At TRACK we go behind the scenes, we use machine learning and AI to get to the bottom of the questions posed above. We disrupt, we provide insights, we tell compelling media stories through statistical insights gained through deeply understanding success in elite sport coupled with our statistical prowess.